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Dr. Becca Nicholson, ND

Dr. Becca Nicholson Naturopathic Doctor

Currently accepting new clients at

Nourish Health Center

Dr. Becca Nicholson,
Naturopathic Doctor
Credentials & Education:

National University of Natural Medicine

  • Advanced Classical Homeopathy Training,

New England School of Homeopathy

  • Advanced Botanical Medicine Training, 

Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies

  • Certified Therapist in Autism Qi Gong Sensory Training Massage

Qi Gong Sensory Training Institute​

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, 

Indiana University

My Specialties

Complex Chronic Illness

Mold Illness

Chronic Infections


Digestive Issues

Autoimmune Conditions





Why I became a doctor?

I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana where I spent my childhood exploring the cornfields, trees and streams behind my house. Often while playing, I imagined magical powers of the water and different plants, which I used to “heal” my scrapes and bruises. For as long as I can remember I felt called to become a healer. In school, I discovered my passion for human biology and physiology, amazed by the complexity of the human being.

During my pre-medical undergraduate studies, I began to realize that conventional medicine could not fulfill my aspirations as a doctor. After some soul searching I discovered naturopathic medicine and never looked back. I feel I have found my true calling with naturopathic medicine and hope to honor nature’s wisdom through my healing work.

Dr. Becca Nicholson, ND
More About Me:
  • I love the outdoors and try to enjoy them as often as possible. I love camping and hiking or simply connecting with the plants in my backyard.

  • My husband and I had our first child, our son Olin, in April of 2019 and we are loving watching him grow!

  • I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, soaking up the joys of community.

  • I am a novice gardener and am continuing to learn how to grow my own food and medicine. I am working towards certification in Urban Agriculture and hope to participate in the local food movement.

  • I love hula hooping! A dear friend gifted me my first hula hoop when I left to begin medical school. I hooped my way through the stressful and sedentary lifestyle of being a medical student.

  • I am one of six children and a proud aunt of sixteen nieces and nephews.

  • I love seeing live music, especially when my husband is on stage playing the drums or mandolin.

  • All pictures of plants on this website were taken by yours truly and are some of my favorite herbs!

My Philosophy of Health

You alone hold the power to heal yourself.

I want to help you discover that power within yourself and to learn how to listen your body’s innate wisdom of self-healing. You are in control of your healing. I am merely a guide along your healing journey.


I am passionate about empowering people to take an active role in their health. You already have many tools to heal yourself and I want to help you discover and utilize them. I want to teach you and the community to create your own medicine and know how and when to use it. I believe that the knowledge of health is a human right and I want to share it.

Becca Nicholson Naturopathic Doctor
Becca Nicholson, ND
Our individual health is intimately connected to nature and community.

We are social beings meant to connect with the Earth and with each other. I believe that much of our dis-“ease” in life is rooted in our disconnection from nature and our community. We must strive to heal our relationship with the Earth and with each other. When people spend time outside or with each other in supportive relationships, they naturally feel better and thrive. This is why I believe that nature and community must be an integral part of our healing. I strive toward a world where we are all deeply connected to our community and to nature.

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