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We are excited that you are here and ready to invest in your health!

Dr. Becca is currently accepting new clients at Nourish Health Center

Call 260.207.4137 to schedule

Dr. Becca is very thorough in her approach and dedicated to spend the time it takes to address your concerns and investigate all aspects of your health. Dr. Becca is also passionate about educating her patients in the underlying causes of their health and why she is choosing certain therapies or recommending certain testing. Plan on spending 2-3 hour at your first visit and 60-90 minutes at your follow-up visits.

Appt Types

Appointments & Pricing

15-minute Free Consult

  • Talk with Dr. Becca to learn how she might approach your case 

  • Ask questions about her practice
  • **No medical advice will be given 
  • LENGTH: 15 minutes
  • PRICE: Free

New Client Appointment

  • Comprehensive health review

  • Review of recent labs and tests

  • Laboratory recommendations

  • Foundational health wellness plan

  • LENGTH: 2-3 hours​

  • COST: $500

Follow Up Appointments

  • Track progress

  • Review lab results

  • Adjust therapies as needed

  • Answer questions 

  • LENGTH:​ 30-90 minutes

  • COST: $125-$375 ($250/hr) - billed in 15 min increments 

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